About me

My name is Lev Tankelevitch. I'm a final year neuroscience PhD student at the University of Oxford. I study the interaction between selective attention and reinforcement learning, using neuroimaging approaches such as MEG and fMRI.

Thoughout my PhD, I have become interested in how science is communicated to the "external world", and am exploring various ways that this can done effectively and creatively. This interest intersects with my other passion which is art and design. I feel that science communication can benefit from these fields, by borrowing approaches from interactive and performance art, as well as graphic design.

I have run a few science stalls at public events, and have experimented with photography, illustration, and interactive digital visualisation.

This website serves as an archive of things I've done, as well as a blog.

See my full CV here.

I occasionally update my photo blog here, and have some more "curated" photos here.

Email me at [first name][last name]@gmail.com.

Tweet me @lev_tank.