My policy research experience lies at the interface between science and policy-making, and includes the synthesis and communication of academic research to inform policy-making.

Sleep and Health
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 2018

At the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), I researched and produced a set of peer-reviewed briefs summarising the academic research on sleep deprivation and its implications for health, work, education, and technology policy. The published work was disseminated to government, industry, and academic stakeholders, and launched at a Parliamentary seminar.
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Advancing AI in the NHS
Polygeia, 2018

At Polygeia, I led a team of researchers on a project investigating the policy implications of applying AI technology within the UK's National Health Service. We produced a 60-page report discussing key issues in areas including data governance, digital infrastructure, standards and regulations, the workforce, and legal liability. Work from this project was cited in the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's inquiry on 'algorithms in decision-making'. The final report was presented in the UK Parliament.
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